TEP Teacher Work-Day

Teachers should be spending the day teaching and learning. They should also be involved in a variety of activities that develop their capacity as leaders of the school community. To meet these redefined expectations, TEP teachers work professional hours as follows:
  • TEP Kindergarten Teachers: 7:45 AM to 5 PM
  • TEP Middle School Teachers: 7:30 AM to 5 PM*
The following is a typical schedule for TEP Middle School teachers.  
  • BR - 7:30 AM - Breakfast Supervision
  • P1 - 8:00 AM - Teaching
  • P2 - 8:47 AM - Teaching
  • P3 - 9:34 AM - Prep Time
  • P4 - 10:21 AM - Teaching
  • P5 - 11:08 AM - Lunch
  • P6 - 11:45 AM - Teaching OR Math Support OR Lunch Duty OR Push-In
  • P7 - 12:32 AM - Prep Time OR Observe (see note A below)
  • P8 - 1:19 PM - Teaching
  • P9 - 2:06 PM - Teaching OR Math Support OR Lunch Duty OR Push-In
  • SN - 2:53 PM - School Meeting & Snack
  • P10 - 3:05 PM - Coach a Special Group or Club (M/W/F) or Teach Debate (T/Th)
  • DIS - 4:00 PM - Students Dismissed; Teachers meet or work independently (see note B below)
*Twice per week, TEP middle school teachers stay at school until 5:30 PM to participate in team meetings. One day per week is a grade-level team meeting. One day per week is a Whole Faculty or Department meeting.

Note A: TEP’s Professional Development model is focused on peer learning – master teachers learning from one another through structured observation, co-teaching, and debriefing. Every TEP teacher  spends at least five total periods each week observing, being observed, and debriefing/planning with a partner teacher (teacher pairs rotate each trimester). This unique structural feature provides built-in time for teachers to plan and implement interdisciplinary units with one another.
Note B: Teacher independent work includes work on whole-school service roles. As TEP believes that teacher leadership outside of the classroom leads to a stronger school community, each teacher takes on ONE whole-school service role outside of the classroom. Learn more about whole school service roles.
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