Whole-School Service

TEP believes that teacher leadership outside of the classroom leads to a stronger school community. Note that teacher whole school service responsibilities are each related directly to student development or parent and community involvement and are NOT related to school operations. Given the significant investment in teacher compensation, and given the quality of its teachers, TEP aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for its teachers to interact with students and community members.

Each teacher takes on ONE whole-school service role in a particular year. Teachers may stay in the same role for multiple years or shift to a new role each year.

The following is a list of the current Whole School Service roles at TEP's middle school. (Note that Whole School Service roles at TEP's new elementary school includes some similar roles to those listed below in addition to a number of different roles as well.)

Grade Level Leads (1 per grade) 
provide an important link between each grade-level team and the school as a whole.  The main responsibilities of the grade level lead include:

  • Serving in a leadership capacity for the grade, interfacing with the admin team on grade-level logistics and troubleshooting grade-level issues.
  • Participating in a weekly meeting with the other grade-level representatives and the admin team. The purpose of this weekly meeting is to establish strong communication between grade level teams, find ways for teams to support one another, and tackle any intergrade issues that might arise.
  • Collecting agenda items for weekly Grade Level meetings.
  • Establishing and implementing the Coverage Policy for teacher absences on each grade.
  • Establishing and maintaining protocols and procedures related to student transit in the hallways.
Athletics & Arts Coaches organize and supervise selective sports teams, music, dance, or theater ensembles, or special visual art groups which represent the school at TEP and in the community. The main responsibilities of an Athletics or Arts coach include:

  • Organizing try-outs or auditions for your team or group; teams/groups practice 3 days per week during Period 10 as well as outside of regular school hours.
  • A Selective Athletics or Arts Group meets the following requirements:
    • 16 – 30 students (groups may be mixed grades)
    • Plays/Performs/Showcases in Interscholastic Competitions/Festivals
    • Plays/Performs/Showcases in the Washington Heights Community (outside of TEP)
    • Plays/Performs/Showcases for the TEP Community (including families) at concerts and assemblies
  • Each athletics coach registers his/her TEP team in at least one official school league and leads the team through participation in the full league schedule (minimum 8 games). In addition, the coach finds at least one other tournament or similar event for team participation.
  • Each arts coach is responsible for having the group participate in at least 1 performance or showcase outside of TEP (a community event, a music competition, etc.) each trimester; in addition each group holds at least 2 recitals/performances for the TEP community (both at school assemblies and at after-school events) and participates in at least 1 interscholastic festival or competition during the academic year.
Incentive Leads' (1 per grade) main responsibilities include:

  • Creating and coordinating grade-wide incentive programs
  • Planning and coordinating incentive-based grade-level field trips
  • Tracking of positive student behaviors and incentives
  • Designing incentive-based behavioral plans to help students who struggle behaviorally
  • Planning positive culture-building activities for students and families on the grade level
  • Tracking the Grade-Level Incentives Budget which includes the cost of all grade-level incentives and field trips

The Literacy Lead helps foster a culture which celebrates and promotes reading and writing at TEP. The main responsibilities of the Literacy Culture Lead include:

  • Organizing two school-wide Book Fairs during the year
  • Leading one school-wide literacy event each trimester
  • Overseeing one parent/family literacy event each trimester
  • Coordinating publication of a TEP Literary Journal celebrating student work once per trimester

Math Leads help foster a math culture at TEP and coordinate events and activities related to math. The main responsibilities of the Math Leads include:

  • Designing math support curriculum
  • Facilitating schoolwide math incentives such as “Mathematician of the Month”
  • Overseeing 3 school-wide Math events over the course of the year
  • Organizing 2 parent/family math events at the school over the course of the year
  • Leading a team of “Mathletes” to participate in at least one outside contest/event over the course of the year

Debate Leads (one for 5th/6th grades and one for 7th/8th grades). The main responsibilities of the Debate Leads include:

  • Designing and coordinating implementation of the curriculum for the school’s Debate Program which takes places 3 days per week during Period 10 over two trimesters for all students
  • Designing Debate lessons, including lesson format and pacing with options for differentiation
  • Providing training, coaching and feedback to Debate teachers
  • Organizing a school-wide debate tournament each trimester
  • Coaching TEP’s junior debate team (5th and 6th grade students) or TEP's senior debate team (7th & 8th grade students) in interscholastic competitions 
The Student Activities Coordinator helps supplement the TEP students’ academic education with an assortment of extra-curricular activities. The main responsibilities of the Student Activities Coordinator include:

  • Supervising the TEP Student Government, TEP's Student Council
  • Organizing the production and publication of a TEP Yearbook
  • Leading fundraising efforts for 8th grade activities (senior trip, prom, graduation)
Tutoring Supervisors (1 per grade) help monitor student progress and performance in the TEP After-School Tutoring Program. The main responsibilities of each tutoring supervisor include:

  • Coordinating selection of students for tutoring (using input from grade-level teachers)
  • Setting targeted tutoring goals  for each student
  • Tracking goals throughout the trimester and evaluating student progress toward those goals
  • Providing ongoing training to after-school tutors
  • Ensuring students have the necessary resources/materials to make tutoring time productive
  • Observing tutoring sessions at least once per week
The Keyboarding/Technology Lead helps coordinate student programming for Keyboarding two times per week during P10. The main responsibilities of the keyboarding/tech. lead include...

  • Selecting online typing programs and tech curriculum for use during P10
  • Designing  keyboarding lessons including differentiation and extension options
  • Providing coaching and feedback to Keyboarding teachers
  • Communicating issues with tech support to ensure smooth implementation of program
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