Rigorous Qualifications

Meta-analyses of studies of teacher characteristics show that while the effects of some teacher characteristics (e.g. degree level, teacher preparation, teacher certification) on student achievement are inconclusive, other characteristics such as teacher academic proficiency [i], teacher verbal ability [ii], and teacher content-area knowledge [iii] are related to improving student achievement. In addition, a certain threshold of teaching experience has been shown to have important positive effects on student achievement, since teachers tend to improve dramatically in their first few years in the classroom. [iv]
Using this research on highly-effective teachers, TEP teachers must demonstrate their qualifications in 4 major areas:
(1) Teaching Expertise and Experience demonstrated through tangible evidence of student learning. This evidence is submitted in the application and demonstrated in live teaching auditions at TEP.

(2) Expert Subject-Area Knowledge demonstrated through mastery of content delivered in live teaching auditions.
(3) Strong Curriculum Development Ability demonstrated through the submission of one originally developed and refined curricular tool of any form (e.g. written materials, instructional methodology, technological innovation) in the preliminary application.

(4) Outstanding Verbal Ability
demonstrated through the quality of the written work submitted in the application and the communication skills demonstrated in the interviews and teaching auditions.

The above criteria are demonstrated through TEP's 3 Stage Teacher Application Process.

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[ii] Constance K. Bond, “Do Teacher Salaries Matter? The Effects of Teacher Salaries on Teacher Recruitment, Teacher Retention, and Student Outcomes,” Dissertation, Columbia University, 2001, 63.
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