Long Term Study Results

When TEP first opened in 2009, Mathematica Policy Research – one of the country’s premier research groups – received funding to conduct a long-term study of TEP, examining TEP’s impacts over the course of its first 4 years – from 2009 through 2013.

Mathematica's Report on TEP on was released in October 2014. Please read the report here.

The major findings of the study are as follows:

1.    TEP is closing the Latino-White achievement gap, dramatically so in math, with significant gains in English and science. Specifically:

► Students who attended TEP for four years had test score gains equal to an additional 1.6 years of school in math, slightly less than half a year in English, and slightly more than half a year in science.

► TEP’s cumulative effect on student achievement over four years closes nearly 80% of the Latino-White achievement gap in math.

2.    One thing that makes TEP’s model scalable (aside from its financial sustainability) is the school’s deep commitment to serving a particularly disadvantaged population. The study found that:

► TEP’s students are similar to students in other schools in the neighborhood – more than 90% are from low-income households.

► Compared to similar NYC schools, TEP students have similar attrition rates and a similar percentage of students who receive special education services.
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