Open Teaching Positions

TEP is currently aiming to expand its teaching staff in all subject areas particularly Social Studies and English Language Arts. Newly hired teachers may start during the 2014-2015 school year or July 1, 2015.

Science Teacher
Music Teacher - [Learn more about Music Positions]
Debate Teacher and Coach - [Learn more about Debate Teaching Positon]
English Language Arts Teacher
Social Studies Teacher
Special Education Teacher [Learn more about Special Ed Positions]
Mathematics Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
What about subject areas not listed above?
Each TEP teacher teaches ONE SUBJECT to ONE GRADE LEVEL in any given year (e.g. 6th grade Science). However, TEP teachers may, where appropriate, switch grade levels and/or subjects from one year to the next. For example, an individual with expertise in both English and Social Studies may be hired to teach 5th grade English Language Arts and then decide to switch to 7th grade Social Studies several years later.

TEP is currently seeking teachers who are flexible with respect to grade level; TEP will assign a newly hired teacher to a specific grade level team based on the needs of the school at the time of hire.

Submit an application for one of the above positions. View TEP's application deadlines.

TEP also offers Apprentice Teacher positions. Learn more here.
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