Noteworthy Press for TEP

The following is a selection of press featuring TEP:

Wall Street Journal
The Los Angeles Times
Investing in Teacher Pay Could Spur Big Gains for California Students, 3/9/15

60 Minutes on CBS

Feature Story on TEP: The $125,000 Question, 3/14/11

The New York Times
Room for Debate: Find Ways to Retain Excellence, 8/29/13

Magazine, Look: They Grow Up So Fast, 6/4/13

Front Page Article: Next Test - Value of $125,000-a-Year Teachers, 6/4/09

Front Page Article: At Charter School, High Hopes and Even Higher Teacher Pay, 3/7/08

Public Lives: A Product of Private Schools, Advocating for Public Education, 3/14/08

Lesson Plans Blog: Well Paid Teachers? I’m on Board, 10/7/08

NYT Magazine: 8th Annual Year In Ideas, 12/14/08

National Review
Teacher Quality, Not Quantity, 10/28/14

The Atlantic
What Happens to Test Scores When Teachers Are Paid $125,000 a Year, 11/4/14

This school paid teachers $125,000 a year — and test scores went up, 10/24/14

National Public Radio
What Happens When A School Pays Teachers $125,000 A Year, 10/27/14

Marketplace Education: Can Money Buy Good Teachers? 2/4/13

WNYC - New York: The Brian Lehrer Show: (Un)Chartered Territory, 3/13/08

WCPN - Ohio: Will Paying Teachers Six Figures Help Students?, 4/17/08

Chalkbeat NY
Sports Illustrated
Point After Back Page Column: First Class to Gym Class, 2/8/10

Education Week
Charter With High Teacher Salaries Improved Achievement, Study Finds, 10/24/14

Teacher Magazine: Charter School Offers “Revolutionary” Salary, 7/23/08

Eduwonkette Blog: The Teaching Penalty, 3/7/08

The Houston Chronicle
Editorial: The $125,000 Question, 3/9/2008

The Harvard Crimson
Editorial: The Real Risk Is Not Taking One, 10/13/08

Oregon Public Radio
Think Out Loud: Homeroom Economics, 4/28/08

Center for Teaching Quality
The Highest Paid Anybody Is A Teacher, 3/7/08
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