NYC & NY State Reports

The following NY City and NY State reports provide the most recent information about TEP's results:

TEP was the highest impact middle school in all of Community School District 6 (which has 18 middle schools) during the most recently completed school year. The NYC Department of Education measures impact by measuring each school's test results against expected test results, adjusted for incoming student factors.

NYC DOE School Quality Snapshots & Guides
TEP's 2016-17 School Quality Snapshot
TEP's 2016-17 School Quality Guide
TEP's 2015-16 School Quality Snapshot
TEP's 2015-16 School Quality Guide
TEP's 2014-15 School Quality Snapshot
TEP's 2014-15 School Quality Guide
TEP's 2013-14 School Quality Snapshot
TEP's 2013-14 School Quality Guide

NYC DOE School Survey
TEP's 2016-17 NYC School Survey Report
TEP's 2015-16 NYC School Survey Report

TEP's 2014-15 NYC School Survey Report
TEP's 2013-14 NYC School Survey Report

NY State Annual Reports & Report Cards
TEP's 2015-16 NY State Annual Report
TEP's 2015-16 NY State Report Card

TEP's 2014-15 NY State Annual Report
TEP's 2014-15 NY State Report Card
TEP's 2013-14 NY State Annual Rerport
TEP's 2013-14 NY State Report Card

NYC DOE Graded & Ranked Progress Report
Until 2013, NYC provided schools with graded and ranked progress reports. These reports were discontinued after 2013. The following is a link to TEP's final graded prgress report. TEP recieved an "A" grade, placed in the top 10% of all NYC middle schools, and TEP was the #1 ranked independent (non-network) charter middle school in NYC.

TEP’s Last NYC Progress Report (2012-13)
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