The school’s name – The Equity Project – emerges from the dual meaning of the word equity. Equity means the value of an investment. TEP is particularly interested in teacher equity, the value of teachers in student achievement. Equity also means fairness and equality. TEP is focused on providing students from low-income families with equal access to outstanding teachers as a means of achieving educational equity. Ultimately, TEP’s mission is a synthesis of these ideas:

TEACHER Level        STUDENT Level       SOCIETAL Level
TEP aims to re-imagine the teaching profession as a place in which teachers prioritize their own growth – as pedagogical experts, content specialists, intellectual seekers, and community leaders.    TEP aims to achieve educational equity for students from low-income families by utilizing world-class teachers to maximize every student’s academic and personal potential.    TEP aims to inspire others to effect positive systemic change by investing in teacher equity in the form of rigorous qualifications, redefined expectations, and revolutionary compensation.

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