In contrast to most charter schools, TEP does NOT solicit donations for general operating expenses. This is because a central feature of TEP’s mission is to demonstrate that schools can make a radical investment in teacher equity by reallocating existing public funding.

TEP Solicits Donations for Two Distinct Areas: 

1.  The cost of our school's facilities or otherwise known as Capital Projects. In contrast to traditional
            public schools, which receive a free public facility, New York State charter schools typically must
            pay for their own facilities. In August 2019, TEP's Middle School moved to a new state of the art
at 153 Sherman Avenue in Upper Manhattan. Learn more about how a gift to our Capital
 directly benefits our students and greater community. 
        2. TEP’s alumni program aims to build a network that efficiently connects alumni to necessary
            supports, enrichment opportunities, and the greater community. Via these connections, we strive to
            increase high school graduation rates as well as college and career readiness for all TEP alumni.
            Learn more about our Alumni Program here

Ways to Give

There are three ways to contribute to TEP. These include: 
      1. Online via our secure and easy to use Donate Form here
      2. Check
          a. Please direct checks to "The Equity Project Charter School" with your desired designation area
              (Capital Projects or Alumni Program) in the notes
          b. Mail checks to 153 Sherman Ave, New York, NY 10034
      3. Electronic Bank Transfer (EBT)
          a. For more information about EBT contributions please contact Katie McKenna at

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