TEP's commitment to developing healthy bodies and active lifestyles begins with daily Physical Education classes for all students at all grade levels, beginning in kindergarten!

This commitment extends to TEP's middle school. A
t most middle schools, students take PE class twice per week (if they're lucky!). At TEP, students continue to get a full period of PE every day! PE classes emphasize physical activity through skill instruction, structured sports, and cooperative games. PE teachers also incorporate health content, emphasizing nutrition and fitness concepts.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in TEP's robust athletic program by joining a sports club or participating on one of TEP's interscholastic sports teams. TEP's competitive sports teams currently include 4 basketball teams (including the reigning 5th grade boys champions and the reigning 6th grade co-ed champions), a co-ed soccer team, a girls volleyball team (reigning champions), an Asphalt Green co-ed flag football team (reigning champions), a co-ed track team, a boys baseball team, and a girls softball team.

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