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TEP is currently hiring for KINDERGARTEN and MIDDLE SCHOOL teaching positions. View a list of open teaching positions.
  • TEP's new Kindergarten will be opening in August 2016 nearby to the current middle school.
  • TEP's Middle School (5th through 8th grade) is currently in its seventh year of operation.
Our intensive teacher hiring process consists of the three stages described below.

During the first stage, an individual submits an application that consists of 4 components: (1) a cover letter, (2) a resume, (3) evidence of student learning, and (4) an original curricular tool. The requirements for each of the 4 components, including submission instructions, are specified in detail in the application. Submit your application here.

Candidates who are invited to the 2nd stage of the process participate in a formal in-person interview with TEP's Principal and teach a demo lesson.
  • Applicants for middle school teaching positions teach a demo lesson to a regular class of TEP students at TEP.
  • Applicants for kindergarten teaching positions submit a video of a complete kindergarten lesson (separate from the short video submitted in stage one).
The purpose of the demo lesson is to assess the candidate’s ability to (a) effectively manage a classroom, (b) create a high-engagement learning environment and (c) provide tangible evidence of student learning. The purpose of the interview is to learn more about the candidate’s experience in the classroom, gain deeper insight into his or her pedagogical approach, and ascertain whether there is an appropriate fit between the candidate’s goals and growth orientation and TEP’s mission and professional development structure.

Candidates who pass the demo lesson and interview round are invited to participate in the third and final stage: a full day of teaching.
  • Applicants for middle school teaching positions spend a full day at TEP, teaching 3 to 4 classes of TEP students.
  • Applicants for kindergarten teaching positions are observed in their own classroom at their current school for a portion of the day by TEP's Principal. [If this is not possible, an alternative may be arranged.]
Master teachers who most successfully demonstrate the ability to positively impact student outcomes will be offered teaching positions with TEP.

Do you want to learn more about teaching at TEP? Join us for an upcoming in-person or online info session. For dates and participation instructions for in-person sessions, click here. For dates and participation instructions for online sessions, click here.

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