Admissions Lottery

TEP's 2021 Admissions Lottery to fill its 120 student Kindergarten cohort will be held on April 7, 2021.

You may virtually attend TEP's 2021 Admissions Lottery by joining us at 6:00 p.m., on Wednesday, April 7 at: and enter passcode: 850255.

How TEP's lottery works:

TEP holds an admissions lottery for its Kindergarten cohort.

For each lottery: each prospective student (except siblings, who are automatically admitted) is assigned a random number using a random number generator ( The numbers are then used to sort the applicants from the lowest number to the highest number.

TEP will use the ordered lottery list to admit students using the following process:

1. All students with siblings that live in District 6 are admitted.
2. All students with siblings that live out of District 6 are admitted.

3. Students who receive Special Education services are admitted in order (by lottery number), starting with those students who live in District 6 and continuing, if necessary, with students who live out of District 6. Note that some Special Education students might already have been admitted under a previous category. This step ends when the set aside percentage for Special Education students (In District + Out of District) has been reached. (Click here for set aside percentages for each lottery.)

4. Students who reside in District 6 are admitted in order (by lottery number) until all of TEP’s open seats have been filled.
5. If there remain open seats after the previous step, then students who reside out of District 6 are admitted in order (by lottery number) until all of TEP’s open seats have been filled.

Once a student has been admitted to TEP, he or she is automatically guaranteed a seat at TEP for all subsequent grade-levels, unless that student withdraws from TEP.


After the TEP Kindergarten cohort has been filled through the process described above, there may be instances when new seats open up in a particular cohort (such as when a student declines an enrollment offer or withdraws from TEP after enrollment). TEP utilizes a waiting-list process to fill these openings. All students NOT admitted to TEP through the lottery process above are put on the waiting list for their particular cohort. The waiting list includes (a) the student’s name, (b) the student’s lottery preference categories, and (c) the student’s lottery number. If the student submitted an application after the lottery deadline for his/her cohort, then the student is given the next unassigned number. Each cohort’s waiting list is maintained until the students in that cohort graduate from TEP.  For additional information about our waiting list process, please contact the school.
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