Fundraise for TEP

Are you inspired by TEP’s mission? You can be an important part of making that mission a reality by raising funds for a new building so we can move out of the temporary classroom trailers that TEP currently occupies.


1. DONATE any amount to TEP’s Bricks for Equity campaign. Before raising funds from others, it’s important to donate to the cause yourself. Contribute any amount that’s comfortable for you. Donate Now.

2. EMAIL  with a simple statement expressing your interest in becoming a TEP Fundraiser. Once we receive your email and verify that you have made a donation yourself, we will add your name to TEP’s fundraiser database. This means that when individuals donate to TEP online, they will be able to select your name (from a dropdown list of all fundraisers) as the person who encouraged them to donate to TEP.

3. FUNDRAISE from your colleagues, family, and friends by encouraging them to buy symbolic bricks ($125 each) or walls ($12,500 each) to help construct a new building for TEP. Once you have fundraised 10 bricks ($1,250) or more from others (excluding your own donations), you will become an official TEP Fundraiser and your name will appear in the fundraiser section of our website. Your name also be displayed in the lobby of our new facility.

If you have any questions about becoming a TEP fundraiser, email
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