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TEP is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 and accepts tax deductible contributions. TEP is currently housed in classroom trailers. TEP is seeking capital funding to support the development of a new 62,000 square foot permanent school building to be located on land owned by the school at 153 – 157 Sherman Avenue in Upper Manhattan (approximately 1/2 mile from TEP's current location).

TEP's Capital Campaign from TEP Charter School on Vimeo.

Click here for a Wall Street Journal feature on one of our most prominent supporters. 

Ways you can support TEP's Capital Campaign:
1. BUY A BRICK FOR $125. Your name will immediately appear on our website brick donor page (unless you give anonymously) and will be on a digital display in the lobby of our new facility! You may donate online or by mailing a check here. If you purchase 100 bricks or more, you will be recognized as a Wall Donor.

2. BECOME A TEP FUNDRAISER. Join the Bricks For Equity fundraising team. Learn how.

We are looking for one or more lead donors who can make a lead gift. Facility naming opportunities are available. Learn more.


In contrast to most charter schools, TEP does NOT solicit donations for general operating expenses. This is because a central feature of TEP’s mission is to demonstrate that schools can make a radical investment in teacher equity by reallocating existing public funding.

The only area for which TEP solicits donations is the cost of its school facility, since, in contrast to traditional public schools which receive a free public facility, New York State charter schools typically must pay for their own school facility.

► Learn more about the development team and the planned 62,000 square foot new facility.

► Visit our Donors & Fundraisers page to see a list of our non-anonymous brick & wall donors!
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